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Probably you have had a chance to get gift voucher or coupon that you could use later for a variety of benefits for the next purchase. We have also created our own version of a coupon which you can achieve by ordering food from a restaurant whose offer was published on


Every time you order a meal as a registered user over you can automatically earn a coupon at a restaurant in which you have placed your order. Once you collect 10 coupons in one restaurant, you have achieved BONUS order in the same restaurant. The amount that is available in BONUS order is the average value of 10 previously realized orders. If the price of your order exceeds the BONUS value, you have to pay only the difference in price. If the price of your order is less than the BONUS value, the unused difference in price will be canceled after the implementation of BONUS order and it can not be used for the next order. You cannot transfer BONUS order in the second restaurant. The restaurant decides if it is going to have BONUS order, and it is valid for the period of 4 months.


So what are you waiting for?

Order food and earn your first coupon!



Terms and Conditions

Participation is allowed for those who have a valid e-mail address and a valid mobile phone number.

Earned COUPON is valid for four months from the date when it was achieved, which means that in the same time frame the buyer must collect all 10 coupons (to make 10 individual orders) to get BONUS order. If, for some reason, the restaurant cancel achieved bonus order is not obliged to compensate unrealized gratis.

Ne radimo do daljnjeg. Hvala na razumijevanju!