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What is Good Food.ba?

GoodFood.ba is a web service for online food ordering. We connect restaurants directly with their end users, ie. those who order food. Restaurants receive orders directly from our site and deliver food to given address. Prices and menus are the same as in the restaurants!

Where can I find the restaurant's phone number before I order?

We are an Internet company, which exists through the orders made on our website. Therefore, we are unable to give you the phone numbers of restaurants, before you place an order. However, immediately after ordering, we send you an email that confirms your order, and there you can also find a phone number of that restaurant.

I don't have trust in the Internet and I would rather order by phone, if possible?

The easiest way to order food over GoodFood.ba is to order directly through our web page. You have no reason to be afraid of because we use the latest technology to provide you with information and keep your information safe.

The procedure of our web services ensures that no order disappears between ordering and delivery to the specified address. Based on all these things, you can safely buy food from GoodFood.ba website. We will certainly do our best to proceed your Internet orders safely to the restaurant.

How will I order food?

You don't have to be a registered user to order food. In the case you are not sure how to order food over GoodFood.ba see video tutorial detailing the steps of ordering.

How do I know that the restaurant received my order?

Your order is immediately sent to the restaurant. The restaurant will confirm your order and you will see the message on your monitor that your order has been confirmed and forwarded. This confirmation can take up to 4 minutes.

Is it possible that the restaurant did not receive my order, or that there is no food that is ordered?

Once the order is submitted, the GoodFood.ba checks if your order is accepted. If there is any change made or it is impossible to deliver your order, GoodFood.ba will notify you within 10 minutes of the changes.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, every restaurant determines their minimum order.
You can see information about the minimum order in the list of restaurants and in the section above menus, where it is written the price below that restaurant does not deliver.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Depending on your location and what you ordered, the restaurant will deliver the food as soon as possible. Every restaurant has an average time of delivery, and you can find that information in the restaurant's info.

What if I want to cancel or modify my order?

Once you have submitted your order, the restaurant will contact you if necessary. If you change your mind or you want to make a change to the order, you can call the restaurant at the number that appears in the notification or in the e-mail we send to you.

What is the mode of payment orders?

Currently, there is only a payment option to pay after delivery. You pay your order to the courier when he delivers the food.

Can I place orders with two different addresses?

Yes! With your account, you can place orders with one, two or more addresses (e.g, from home, from work, ...). One address is always primary, and another you have to specify in the last step of the order in the "Contact information for delivery."

Can I change my contact information and password?

Yes, after logging in you can change your contact details on your GoodFood account.

How can I rate and comment on restaurants?

It is very easy to rate and comment the restaurant. You have to be a registered user to comment and evaluate restaurants. If you did not order food from the restaurant, you are not allowed to evaluate and comment on that restaurant. After you choose the restaurant and order food from the same, you can leave your comment, click on the "Rating of a restaurant." Ratings are from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best score.

Your comment must not contain offensive and inappropriate language. All comments are reviewed by the administrators. All obscene comments will be removed.

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